Hola Hermosa!

Hey girl hey!! Hope your having a magical day! With all the new faces visiting my page I thought this was the perfect time to introduce myself! Soy Laura Bianca Olvera, Latina, Socal native, and designer of AGAVESALT in sunny Los Angeles California. I created my line to inspire other Latina's to embrace their inner diosa and love their bodies unconditionally.
My brand was born from my journey of learning to overcome sexual repression, disordered eating, and embracing all of who I am as a 30somethingyearold. In sharing my story with other Latina's, I've discovered how many other women out there like me have gone thru a similar path of self-doubt, body shaming, and needless feelings of guilt simply for expressing who they are. My hope is that every person that wears my garments feels like they are clothing themselves in the self love and confidence that they deserve to feel everyday.
When creating my brand, I choose clothing for a specific reason. To me fashion has always been more than just how one chooses to cover their body. A texture of a fabric, a specific draping of a dress, or the pattern of a print can have the power to transform a person and inspire a new way of being. When I design, sometimes I am inspired by the fabrics, where they come from, or how they feel. Sometimes it is the design of the actual garment and what I imagine the woman wearing it will be doing or feeling when she has it on. To me designing and wearing clothing is a mindful experience that should involve most if not all ones senses.
I love to use feminine fabrics that are sheer and/or flow over the body. Even in my more structured designs I want my Diosas to still feel powerful and feminine as fuck. I am strongly inspired by the beaches in mexico and coastal lifestyle. I have always loved the ease and minimalist feel of beachwear. I embrace my Latin roots and source many of my fabrics from Mexico when possible, and incorporate, colors, patterns, and textures that reflect that. 
If you are interested in learning more about who I am and my inspiration behind the brand, head over to Voyage LA and check out the article I was featured in! Or you CLICK on SHOP NOW button at the top and view my latest styles! 


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